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Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'Artist Name
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symptoms: i threw up twice last night, i feel tired and dizzy today and am having a hard time focusing, decreased appetite


Why cameron should be on survivor:


I have known cameron for six years and he is very complex. He is one of the most charismatic people I know and i THINK THAT would be his biggest strength in the competition. He’s got a confidence and a kind of swagger to him that will either get under people’s skin or make them drawn to him and want him as an ally. HE is also very competitive and loves to win. He is physically fit but not built like a god, so I think he could go far based on challenge wins but be able to fly under the radar too. Cameron is also interesting because of who he chooses as his friends. I think people would expect him to bro down and join what we’ve seen in survivor as the “popular kids” but in real life he plays dungeons and dragons, knows  musical theatre songs, and has made friends with a diverse group of odd men out, who he has stayed loyal to for many years. Overall he’s kind of the full package and I think he would  be fun to watch.


symptoms: very dizzy, lightheaded, tightening in the throat, appetite has returned, brain fuzzy


Why keifer should be on survivor

keifer would be kind of a dark horse in a survivor competition, he is extremely smart but is not accustomed to or excited by being outside in the elements so that would be a personal struggle for him but entertaining to watch. people like him which is good. i think he would surprise people with how strategic he is because he has a good sense of humor and is pretty laid back about things in group settings so he wouldn't rock the boat too much until it was time to make a big move. he is very short so i think he would be underestimated as a physical threat but he played soccer and is secretly very competitive, especially when he is wearing his khaki shorts he can shoot a basketball like a pro. i think he would be able to make alliances with anyone because everyone likes him, and i think he would be a very strategic and level headed player

Sun ScreamArtist Name
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Big Tymers - Still Fly (Official Music VArtist Name
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symptoms: dizzy, tired, there are bears nearby who are breaking into cars


Why kyle should be on survivor

kyle is a big boy and is very athletic and loves the outdoors so he would probably be a beast in challenges and would be able to help provide for the tribe. he doesn't necessarily have a strategic mind and sometimes has trouble getting his point across but he is loyal to a fault and I think people would have a hard time writing his name down because he is very genuine. he is very social and loves to talk to basically anyone, so people would enjoy having him around and watching him probably stumble through confessionals would be great tv. There's something about kyle that is really endearing because he always means well. he played lacrosse and soccer so he also has a competitive side which, if he had a good group to stick together, could come out and he would not be afraid of making some big moves for the sake of the game

Walk on by-Isaac HayesArtist Name
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symptoms:  tired, dizzy at night, there are bears nearby who are breaking into cars


Why andre should be on survivor

andre is so laid back and likeable that I think everybody would have a really hard time voting him out. I think this would take him really far, even though he sleeps a lot he is always down to help people if they need it so people wouldn't think he was lazy. andre plays a lot of video games and plays soccer so he has both a competitive and strategic side which would help in challenges, and people would not necessarily expect him to make big moves because he is so easygoing, but i don't think he would shy away. he also has a really good odd sense of humor and can write good bars so his confessionals would be really entertaining and he would be fun to watch during tribal council. i think he would be a good contender to win because he would be kept around for morale long enough to solidify himself with a group to go all the way to the end and then get a lot of jury votes.

Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders - JouArtist Name
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symptoms:  dry mouth, there are bears nearby who are breaking into cars


Why max should be on survivor

max would be interesting on survivor because i don't think he is much of an outdoorsman but he is very confident so i think he would be able to fake it. he played soccer so he would probably do well in challenges but that would not be his storyline. i think his greatest asset would be his style, not just physically but in gameplay because people like him for his talent and because he has a really good sense of humor, but he definitely has a sneaky side to him. i think he would definitely be a double agent or stab an ally in the back, not because he isn't loyal in the real world but because i think because he is a gamer he would get really into the strategy of it and treat it like the game that it is and separate the morals of the real world from getting the million, which would be fun to watch- he could end up being a lovable villain and there are not enough of those

Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun 1970.Artist Name
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symptoms: gas, there are bears nearby who are breaking into cars


Why sophia should be on survivor

sophia is very small and very attractive so i think people would underestimate her at first because of that, but she is  so street smart and socially intelligent that she would definitely end up a strategic player. she gets along really well with guys because she is both beautiful and can kind of bro down and become one of the guys as well. she is really scrappy, played volleyball all through school so she would not be a liability in challenges at all. she is not afraid to speak her mind so she would give excellent confessionals and would probably get into some fights which would be fun. I think people would also have a hard time voting her out because there's a real maternal side to her and she is a nursing student so she would be really helpful around camp. She would be a great contender to win at the end and would be really fun to watch.

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping (Official VideArtist Name
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symptoms: sore throat, gas, there are bears nearby who are breaking into cars


Why jonas should be on survivor

I am athletic but not physically imposing, so i would be an asset in challenges but not a threat to the larger men who are usually cast. people generally seem to enjoy my company and i think i know how to make people laugh, so i think they would keep me around for camp morale long enough for me to solidify myself with a group of allies. i am definitely a social butterfly so i could see myself aligning with multiple groups and then having to decide which one to backstab which would be exciting to watch. i am not confrontational and would probably not get into many fights so i think my jury votes at the the end would come easily. i have also seen a lot of survivor and have an understanding of the game and strategy involved, but i don't think i would be seen as a strategic threat because i would make it seem like i'm just there for a good time and then i would win

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